Sesuai namanya yang dikenal di Indonesia sebagai kayu putih. Pohon ini yang menghasil kanmi nyak kayu putih melalui proses penyulingan daunnya yang memang sangat bermanfaat bagi Kesehatan. Dan kita memakai sebagai material utama dari pada produk spa-nya.


Balinese Massage

60 minutes : IDR. 475K 225K per person
90 minutes : IDR. 550K 325K per person

Authentic traditional Massage its combined with Balinese technique, stretching, long stroke skin rolling, palm, thumbs pressure techniques to balance the energy centers and improve the integration of your internal systems, blood circulation and release stress.

Body Scrub

60 minutes : IDR. 525K 285K per person

A special exfoliation treatment using natural turmeric scrub for detoxify your skin, leaving it smooth and shiny. Included in the treatment: natural foot bath, body scrub, milk bath, and moisturizing lotion

Back Massage

60 minutes : IDR. 475K 195K per person

This is the perfect cure after long flight, to relieve tensions. It consists of a condensed but complete head, neck and shoulder massage using our special blend of oils, concluded with warm towel application. (Head, neck, and shoulder massage, warm towel)


Foot Massage

60 Minutes : IDR. 475K 195K per person

It is an application of appropriate pressure to areas on the feet and lower legs, muscle and reflex points that correspond to different organs and systems. This treatment is perfect to release stress and ease tensions.

Foot Reflexology

60 Minutes : IDR. 525K 285K per person

An ancient Chinese healing art focused on the pressure point in the feet that correspond with organs and muscles of body, including a hand reflexology for improves circulation and general wellness. (Foot wash, foot massage and hand massage).


Natural Facial

60 Minutes : IDR. 525K 285K per person

With natural blended ingredient to nourish, balance and control. The natural facial combined with luxurious techniques and eucalyptus spa pressure point style to ease tension in the skin leaving it gently cleansed, polished and glowing like sunshine and inner beauty.


Recharging Package

120 Minutes : IDR. 825K 435K per person

A combination of some selected treatments to offer you a memorable experience of a body and mind rejuvenation ritual. Each treatment is chosen thoughtfully which provides continuum relaxation from one treatment to another. This package includes foot ritual, Balinese massage, natural turmeric scrub, milk bath, and moisturizing body lotion.

Refreshing Package

120 Minutes : IDR. 825K 435K per person

Celebrate your special day by experiencing a unique sensation of the combination treatment. Immerse in the warmth essential oil and rejuvenate after the refreshing facial. This package includes foot ritual, Balinese massage and Natural Facial

Experience Package

180 Minutes : IDR. 1'075K 685K per person

Wonderful soul shines through a healthy body. This spa package covers all the essentials for you to revive from inside out. Inclusions: Natural foot bath, Natural Facial, Balinese massage, Special natural turmeric scrub, Milk bath and moisturizing body lotion and closing withAromatic herbal drink